četrtek, 24. januar 2013



Journal by luca-skadi-oakenshield featuring a stripe tee

A really rather simple outfit again. I think I'm into simplicity now. 
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Smoking kills

"Do you know that smoking kills?"

Yes, indeed, I do.
Tearing towards my own death?
Yes, I do
We all do!

I am going to die someday,
But my death will be, coated in the pleasurable cloak
Of nicotine smoke.

torek, 22. januar 2013



Lullaby by luca-skadi-oakenshield featuring black shoes

I have not been posting anything for a few days now, but I guess I needed some time of to get new ideas and I really didn't come up with anything so I made this simple yet always appropriate look.
It was inspired by my favorite band, The Cure. Like I said it's really simple, being put together by nothing but essentials everybody has at home. It can be worn to everywhere, but since it's winter I would just put on a black coat with it, or else you would freeze.

sreda, 16. januar 2013

Dark Paradise

My mind is a maze I cannot escape. An endless forest and I am there alone, no one who could understand. Just try and take a walk inside, there would be no return, you would get lost in a forest of your own. Yet I am overcome with fascination when I dare myself to go deeper. So many corners undiscovered, so many secrets untouched. It is in fact contradictory to itself. The existence of it is in many ways scary and repugnant, however it is so beautiful in it's own way. Nonetheless, it should stay where it is right now, it's not to be set into the world. People just wouldn't know what to look for and get lost ...


nedelja, 13. januar 2013


I woke up. There was this feeling again, like darkness flowing through my body. I got up and dragged myself to the door. I barely made it. I could feel my bones cracking, breaking... extending. I opened the door, my senses were awakened. I could clearly feel the wind brushing through my hair and the pain of my bones breaking was even more terrible now. I could taste my own blood where I bit my tongue only hours before and I lusted for more. I could sense the smell of an animal, alive and not far away. I could see the light shining down on my face. The full Moon. The pain got much worse, I screamed in agony. I could feel my body changing, hair growing. I fell to the ground, numbed by the feeling in my bones. I began crying while looking into the night illuminated by the sick and gruesome moonlight... I woke up in the morning in a puddle of blood and gore, disgusted by myself. I couldn't remember anything what happened, only the hypnotic moonlight, that was so bright yet seemed so inky and swallowing. However, I knew what I have become, a demon, something that shouldn't exist, yet does and it will return every full moon.


The Star-Money

There was once upon a time a little boy whose father and mother were dead, and he was so poor that he no longer had a room to live in, or bed to sleep in, and at last he had nothing else but the clothes he was wearing and a little bit of bread in his hand which some charitable soul had given him. He was sinful and wicked, however. And as he was thus forsaken by all the world, he went forth into the open country, trusting in the good Satan...

Drink all day and we talk 'til dark

A really simple look in my opinion. It's black and olive, however, I end up liking simple looks the most, I don't know why. Maybe, because it's no effort to keep them looking good when looks with more layers or whatever can get annoying.
Well enough about the simplicity of the look. This is the first photo I can upload that really has better quality, that's also why I was so excited to have this, hmmmm... photo shooting. It was really just hours of fooling around with my friend, but then she took it too seriously and we started fighting. I just wanna get the rest of the photos and get it over with, which has proven to be more difficult than expected.
So yeah, this is it, my first real look on my blog as well as on my Lookbook. I really wanted to make up a story with this, but I'll just pop a Lana Del Rey song with it so I can just let it be.