nedelja, 06. januar 2013


Hi, I'm Luca Skadi, education manager for Mary Jane crafts.

Today we're playing with Mary Jane smoking techniques. We're going to learn how to make a water bong with regular objects you can find at home.

What you need:

- one plastic bottle (size does not matter)
- sharp metal object
- lighter
- hollow pen
- duct tape
- aluminum foil


First take take the metal object and heat it with the lighter. Before the object cools down poke a hole into the bottle, a few inches above the bottom of the bottle. Make sure the hole is not to big (so there will be no funny business with it later when you're stoned). Heat the object agiain and poke another (smaller) hole anywhere above the first hole (be careful to not make the distance between the holes to short).
Take the hollow pen and stick it halfway through the first hole. Make sure it sits well! Fixate the pen with duct tape. Tape down as much as you think you need.
Take the foil and shape a small bowl which you than place on the outer side of the pen.

Fill you're bong with water and it's ready to use. Enjoy!

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Mitja Rek said...

Job well done Martha Narkomanka Stewart :)

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