nedelja, 13. januar 2013


I woke up. There was this feeling again, like darkness flowing through my body. I got up and dragged myself to the door. I barely made it. I could feel my bones cracking, breaking... extending. I opened the door, my senses were awakened. I could clearly feel the wind brushing through my hair and the pain of my bones breaking was even more terrible now. I could taste my own blood where I bit my tongue only hours before and I lusted for more. I could sense the smell of an animal, alive and not far away. I could see the light shining down on my face. The full Moon. The pain got much worse, I screamed in agony. I could feel my body changing, hair growing. I fell to the ground, numbed by the feeling in my bones. I began crying while looking into the night illuminated by the sick and gruesome moonlight... I woke up in the morning in a puddle of blood and gore, disgusted by myself. I couldn't remember anything what happened, only the hypnotic moonlight, that was so bright yet seemed so inky and swallowing. However, I knew what I have become, a demon, something that shouldn't exist, yet does and it will return every full moon.



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