nedelja, 13. januar 2013

Drink all day and we talk 'til dark

A really simple look in my opinion. It's black and olive, however, I end up liking simple looks the most, I don't know why. Maybe, because it's no effort to keep them looking good when looks with more layers or whatever can get annoying.
Well enough about the simplicity of the look. This is the first photo I can upload that really has better quality, that's also why I was so excited to have this, hmmmm... photo shooting. It was really just hours of fooling around with my friend, but then she took it too seriously and we started fighting. I just wanna get the rest of the photos and get it over with, which has proven to be more difficult than expected.
So yeah, this is it, my first real look on my blog as well as on my Lookbook. I really wanted to make up a story with this, but I'll just pop a Lana Del Rey song with it so I can just let it be.


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